Screen Printing

Think you have better shirt ideas than Forward Fabrics, that you want to sell on your own novelty shirt site? Have a group outing planned? Want your bar league team to stand out? In a band? Well, maybe Forward Fabrics can help you out.

In addition to printing items sold on our site, Forward Fabrics has the ability to take on the occasional small batch, one- or two-color screen printing project from customers. While we are limited in the types and complexity of projects we’ll print, those seeking basic items in small volumes might find an advantage in working with a small, like-minded party instead of being a low priority job buried beneath a stack of orders on the desk of a larger printer. We can do infant, youth and adult t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as things like onesies bibs, posters, towels and more.

Order Volume
Order size can range from as few items as 6 to as many as 30. Depending on the printing demand and the desired turnaround, orders of more than 30 shirts will be considered too. As our equipment and ink selections are limited, marginal screen/set-up/transparency fees might apply in some circumstances, but will be made known to potential customers up front.

An infant shirt, hot off the presses.

While we don’t personally serve as designers, we can align you with someone to help bring your idea to life (with a design fee paid to that person that’s commensurate to the complexity of the design and time spent to make it). Preferably, though, you will email us an Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop document that’s pre-sized to the measurements you’d like. We’re unable to print designs more than 24 inches long and/or 16 inches wide.

Forward Fabrics is based in Milwaukee, but due to space issues, the majority of the printing equipment is currently in Appleton. Milwaukee and Appleton orders can be delivered (preferably at a public meeting place). Customers hailing from places between those two cities (e.g., Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, West Bend) can also attempt to negotiate a mutual meeting spot near highway 41 or 45 to spare delivery charges/delay. Other orders will be shipped USPS, with a price and class agreed upon prior to finalizing the order.

As rigid as this all seems, we’re willing to work with people to best suit their needs–keeping in mind we are a microscopic side business with a basic manual set-up and realistic sights. If you have questions or want to discuss making an order, please email us with questions, comments or order specifications.

If Not Us
If a rapid turnaround, an especially-high level of detail and/or a high volume of items are desired, we wholeheartedly recommend contacting:

  • Redwall Prints – This Milwaukee company is the real deal. Anything you want, they can do it… assuming your order falls between 1 and 100,000 pieces and 20 or fewer colors, that is. Redwall used to print all Forward Fabrics’ shirts and their amazing and professional staff taught us everything we know about printing. They do small jobs for small local businesses, staggering jobs for international corporations and everything in between.
  • Offbeat Press – For those of you in the Fox Cities area with specifications we can’t satisfy, contact our pals Drew, Adam and Scott at Offbeat. They gave us great input to help when we started out. They put considerable care into their work while turning out sustainable and responsible items, many of which champion local business. They are honest, professional and affordable.
  • A local screen printer in your neighborhood. Supporting local business ensures your money will stay in your community and it betters the likelihood you’ll receive a unique, high-quality item that’s made with your needs in mind.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping breathe life into your own designs.


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